Check your devices for software updates today!

Krack Exploit: Wireless protocol (WPA2) has been breached: time to update your software. This breach affects all routers and devices connecting via WPA2, so please check your devices for software updates today!  


How expensive will the iPhone 8 be to repair?

Apparently lots!

If you’re thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 8, it may be well worth taking a couple of minutes to read through this article first: 

CCleaner has malware!

A recent version of CCleaner, a commonly used Windows clean-up tool, unwittingly had malware injected into it. Please read this link on what happened, and more importantly what to do to remove it!

How Secure is iPhone’s news FaceID?

Face ID is one of the most attention-grabbing new features of the upcoming iPhone X, but there are serious questions about whether it can keep your device secure.

This article published in the New Scientist online raises some interesting points:

Confessions of a hacker…

Have you ever wanted to know how online criminals gain access to your computer?

This article, published in the guardian online, makes for a very good read:

Ransomware… what’s it all about?

We have all heard about ransomware attacks and their potential danger.
If you do get infected, what should you do?
Pay the ransom? Can you decrypt the files?

This post from Varonis talks through the options: Click Here to Read

Do you use Google Chrome extensions?

Do you have lots of extensions in Google Chrome?
Do you use them and are they up to date?
Old or unused extensions are a classic way that malware can infect your systems.

Read more: