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Using the cloud: get it right for your business…

In less than a decade, the cloud has evolved from a concept that only techy people understood to something that’s become the norm. The increase in consumer up-take for personal use has also made the cloud and its concepts easier for people to understand at a business level.

The countdown has begun…

Now that the New Year’s celebrations are out of the way, there’s another countdown to look forward to… except this one doesn’t involve champagne and party poppers!

Is your supply chain safe?

As we move into 2019, businesses and regulatory authorities are required, more than ever, to demonstrate robust information security, business continuity as well as protection of personal identifiable information (i.e. GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018).

GDPR: don’t bury your head in the sand!

GDPR six months on… burying your head in the sand is a terrible idea! The ostrich effect is common among humans. We bury our heads in the sand to avoid unpleasant information and pretend that everything is ok, even if the world is falling apart around us.

Phishing: don’t be easy bait!

Cybercrime is big business, and phishing attacks are one of the baddies’ favourite routes into an organisation. You’ve probably heard of them, but you might not be 100% clear on exactly what they are and how they work.

Still think Macs don’t get viruses?

Use a Mac? No antivirus? Still think Macs don’t get viruses? Here at ITGUY, we are pretty easy going when it comes to what kind of computer you use. We like Macs. We like PCs. But what we don’t like is a computer without security protection. Macs definitely get fewer viruses than PCs – and […]