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Data Security

Several legal obligations, including GDPR and the Companies Act 2006, charge companies to show they can comply with business continuity criteria. This absolutely means electronic data – such as accounting records.

But also, as far as IT is concerned, this relates to being able to continue business operation despite data failure – like a failed server or equipment loss or theft.

In our experience, data backup can often be taken for granted until there is a crisis. This is followed by a realisation that the backup strategy in place isn’t good enough.

3-2-1 Rule

Typically, any responsible company should be keeping:

  • THREE COPIES (three copies of the same data)
  • TWO FORMATS (one on a computer, one on an external disk for example)
  • ONE COPY MUST BE OFFSITE (for example – cloud storage)

3-2-1 Data Security Rule

Business compliance can require very specific lengths of time that data must be kept for. In some professions, even older versions of files that have since been deleted must be recoverable. This is where a clear and proven backup methodology and practice has to be provisioned.

ITGUY can walk you through different backup scenarios and options, helping to identify what you need to do in order to give you a robust strategy using a mix of onsite and offsite storage. Testing that your data is retrievable must be part of this process. We want your data to be safe and your business to be able to work, even in a disaster scenario. Let ITGUY help you to plan for the worst, not just hope it never happens.