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Cybersecurity is undoubtedly one of the biggest business risks in 2018. According to a UK government report  “just under half (46%) of all UK businesses identified at least one cybersecurity breach or attack in the last 12 months.” (source: Cybersecurity breaches April 2017)

Proper IT security has become more and more crucial as we run so much of our business and financial transactions through our computer systems. Out of date or inadequate antivirus software, a lack of a proper firewall and unsafe software can be common vectors for infiltration.

Think of internet security like the layers of an onion. Each layer is a different “shield”, designed to make it hard for bad guys to do bad things to your precious systems and data.

A key area that needs proper consideration is user awareness. Your team may be unaware that some of its day-to-day IT use may be bringing extra risk to the business. A clearly defined security policy can make it simple for them to know what is safe and what is not.

ITGUY’s security audit can clearly identify the weak points in an organisation’s security strategy – be it weak passwords, missing software updates or an antivirus product with out-of-date security definitions. We can help you create a robust security plan and implement it ensuring that you are operating as safely as possible online.

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