Services we offer

Managed Services

We provide a managed service to much of our client base. And with good reason! You can see some of the benefits below, but feel free to drill down into why a managed service makes sense.

Managed services benefits

Dedicated Team

Ensures that your IT is being taken care of by a dedicated team of IT professionals, who have know your setup and can jump in to help when you need them.

Monitored services

Proactive monitoring of your IT System for performance, security and backups. We can pre-empt problems before the impact on your busy work schedule.

Peace of Mind

Get on with building your business, safe in the knowledge that an experienced team is looking after you. We take the pressure off so you can focus on what you do best.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited remote support for a fixed fee. Good for budgeting and cash flow. Easy to add bolt-ons or upgrade to a higher service level.

Our three-tier core services

ITGUY offers a three-tier core services which enables you to choose the right product for you. We can also offer bolt-ons to give you flexibility in case you have a specific set of requirements.

In more detail

The core service involves the deployment of a software agent on each Mac or PC which allows ITGUY to monitor your devices remotely for problems and resolve them before users become aware of anything being wrong.

Another key part of this service will update your systems to ensure that they are up to date, protecting you from new OSX and Windows vulnerabilities.

The service includes antivirus, crucial for defence against malware and ransomware attack.

“Maintenance night”

To ensure that your systems are getting regular checks and any remedial action takes place, we agree on a weekly maintenance regime with each customer when all the devices are left on overnight one evening each week and our maintenance routine puts each of them through their paces. This includes a full antivirus scan, installation of any key software updates and a computer restart. The advantage here is that these important tasks are done regularly without interfering with the day to day running of your business.


ITGUY will conduct a site survey to audit your infrastructure and hardware. This is needed to ensure that the equipment in your network is supportable. If we think there is some equipment that is supportable but needs remedial work to make the machine supportable under this contract, we will perform this work.

If we believe that is a device is too old or damaged to be supportable under our service, we would make this clear in our audit report. (We can make recommendations for replacement hardware on request).

Assuming the machine is of an acceptable standard, we will install our software agent, required to provide our services to you.

Work carried out in this implementation phase is billable at our standard rates. Once we have setup our application and performed any highlighted and agreed on remedial work, the core service you have chosen becomes active.

Ongoing communication

Once up and running, our behind-the-scenes will keep your network running like a well-oiled machine. This shouldn’t stop you contact us if you need help or advice. We will arrange an annual Strategic IT Review, to assess your overall IT health and capacity. This also provides the opportunity to discuss your business development with us for the next 12 months and to ensure that the systems you have in place can cope with any changes that you envisage.

At ITGUY, we pride ourselves on great communication. We want to keep in touch with our clients to ensure they are getting the best service possible. If there are problems, we want to hear about them!