ITGUY founder and director Ben Schneider explains how it all began:

Computers have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

My father was working with computers as far back as 1956, long before silicon chips and microprocessors were invented when a room of valves would have less computing power than a Casio wristwatch from the 1970s!

In 1980 he bought an Apple II (yes, one of the computers that came with floppy disks!)

He wrote me a program that produced a revised league table when I input the football scores. Of course, I thought this was very cool and that computers must be the bee’s knees – ever since then I’ve had a fascination with all things IT, so it seemed like the perfect career choice.

In the late 80’s I wrote a database for Friends of the Earth before going on to qualify as a fully fledged IT professional. That’s when I discovered the internet, email and search engines and my life as a computer guy really began to take off. I loved it so much that I wrote an early book on how to use the internet – The Internet in Plain English. Around the same time I was working as a freelancer, then after gaining my MCSE* in 2000 the time came when I wanted to spread my wings and set up my own company.

I started small – just me, a computer, bicycle, mobile phone and an urge at a cellular level to fix IT problems and help people. I printed 5000 flyers and within minutes of delivering them to local homes, I began getting phone calls for work.

ITGUY grew steadily, moving into business and organisation support over the next 10 years and now support over 100 businesses in London. Today I’m in the fortunate position of having a great team of people working with me who all share my values of great service, attention to detail and a can-do attitude. We’re friendly, efficient and are focussed on delivering seriously good support – because it genuinely matters to us that our clients have the best IT systems they can.

Thanks for reading our story. We love what we do, so give us a call – we’re here to make things easy for you and your business.

*Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Ben Schneider, ITGUY founder and computer engineer

Apple II

A computer room my father would have worked back in 1956.